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Organizing is not rocket science but takes a particular skill set to assess a space and work through the excess and misplaced things to take the space to its optimal usage.  Which is why Professional Organizers exist! 
You don't cut your own hair or repair you own car so why try to organize a space that needs professional help?
My services are totally confidential, so you can feel good knowing that what happens in project, stays in...well you know the story.  And though I might judge my sister's new haircut, I NEVER judge my clients.  After all, you are the reason we are all right here, scrolling through this website dreaming about what could be!
I am a NAPO member (click the logo and you'll go to the NAPO site so see what that's all about ) and will provide great references on request. Look through this site and then take that next step by contacting me for a complimentary assessment on how efficiently/quickly/affordably we can get you back on track!
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