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Master of Your Closet
This closet just needed a new configuration to get the pants off the shelf and hung and a new drawer for the workout clothing. 
Now getting dressed is easy, pants no longer need ironing prior to wearing and the space is calm.
Pantry Raid
This pantry got a total makeover with Container Store shelving, a new washer/dryer and some solid organizing to get like items together.  Now this homeowner can find her cleaning supplies separated from the canned goods.
The Other Shoe Dropped
This closet shed 27 pairs of shoes during it's seasonal flip from winter to summer.  The owner was ruthless and focused on keeping only those items that are on trend and that she really loves.  We added Container Store shoe shelves to house the keepers.
Master of Your Closet
Even minimalists can get disorganized.  This closet was reorganized and shoe racks were switched from racks for heels to racks for flats.  Now shoes stay in place and everything has a place.
The Beauty Supply Room (also known as the bathroom)
Daily use products in this drawer were difficult to find and impossible to inventory for replacements.  Divided containers were added to sort the items and streamline the morning prep process.
Get OUT of My House!
When our children leave, alot of their stuff stays!  Why? Because it's the path of least resistance for child and parent.  This mom decided to take back her closets in 2 steps - first, clear out the obvious junk and donatables.  Then, an area was dedicated for her daughters' things so that on her next visit back she can quickly sort through and determine what she wants to take home with her.  Notice what I did there - her "home" is NOT where this closet resides...
Schools Out for Summer!
This Art Teacher inherited a mess in her new store room and classroom.  We used her summer break to purge the heck out of the storage and classroom areas so she could start school organized, calm, and able to focus on teaching!
Spicing it Up!
After some serious checking of expiration dates and assessment of need for 8 sets of salt and pepper shakers, this cupboard came into its own.  The graduated shelf was re-purposed to now hold spices and a new container or two for packets and spice grinders made this cabinet neat, tidy, and easy to both use and maintain.
We Love Labels!
These bins contain garage related items - tools, bungees, extension cords, etc.  The labels help this homeowner find the right gadget when he needs it, every time!
Garage Before.jpg
Garage After.jpg
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