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So, You're Hiring a Professional Organizer?

Once you've decided you want help, choosing your Professional Organizer is the most important step in the process and is like choosing any professional. You may want to begin by asking friends if they have used a Professional Organizer. Also, check, NAPO is the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Members of this association receive on-going training and support to help their clients so you definitely want an Organizer with this affiliation.

Now review rates, credentials, and experience of those Organizers on your short list. The scope of your project and your budget will guide you, but know that a high price doesn't always mean better and little experience doesn't always mean worse.

Review your project and what you want to accomplish. Write this down so that you don't lose sight in your initial meeting. Discuss your goals frankly with the Organizer, you will get a better estimate and better outcome when everyone is clear on what is to be done.

Meet with the Organizer to discuss your goals, understand their rates and time estimates, get a good feel on what will be done, and ensure you have a good personality fit. This person will be in your home, you want to like them!

When the project begins, continue to articulate your goals but listen to the Organizer and believe that the methods they are implementing will get you there.

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