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We'll first meet at to discuss your projects.  We'll collaborate at this meeting to create the best schedule to get your spaces optimized. Then I'll come in to your Dallas area home or office and go all Ninja Organizing Warrior on your place, show you how to maintain, and I'm out of there! 
I will also work within your budget to determine IF any additional organizing products are needed and even help you shop for them, or shop for them for you!
This first assessment via phone is complimentary, so what are you waiting for?

Organizing the pantry is one of the best ways to drive efficiency in your food prep.  Getting like items together and labeling shelves and/or bins helps maintain your newly streamlined life.


Every move is unique - from empty nesters moving to condo living to retirees moving to assisted living to young families seeking a minimalist lifestyle

Each situation requires a different approach and I'm prepared to manage the project for a smooth move and happily ever after..


Is your car on the street and 2 baby strollers in the garage while your kids are 7 and 9?  You get the idea and you need help. 

Part of project planning will include how best to move out the larger things no longer needed - like that treadmill.  We'll discuss boxes/bins/shelving needed and determine the most economical options.  Further decisions on seasonal items, sporting goods, cars, clothing, tools etc. will get your garage back to being a garage.


Moving can be stressful, but when you let me pack and /or unpack and get your new pad organized, you can focus on you instead of mother's china.  

Order the moving truck and some strong arms and let's get moving.


Do you have platters, pans, serving dishes and small appliances taking up precious real estate yet seldom used? 

This project would include going through all cabinets and drawers, editing with an eye for those items not being used and ensuring items are placed for greatest efficiency in food prep and clean up.  

Typography Poster

You've gone through the process with me to get organized and need a little help maintaining the great results - let me handle it for you!  I KNOW YOUR STUFF - let me put it where it belongs when you don't have the time, energy, or (let's not kid anyone) you were never going to do it anyway!


When you can't find your favorite black t-shirt among the 12 that you have, it is time to become the master of your closet.

I can help determine what your best looks are and you keep those.  I also help determine what goes - you may not need that jacket with the shoulder pads, but if you do, we'll find the right place for it in your new closet.  New hangers, plastic shoe boxes, do-dads and gadgets - I try to work with what you have, but if you want more, I'm prepared to deliver.


Collections can quickly or slowly overrun their original boundaries.  When they do, many people need gentle guidance and advice on how to edit and where the best new home for these items will be. Let me guide you!


Otherwise known, as the bathroom.

Yes, I get it, those samples were free, but when was the last time you used them?  I can get your space optimized to streamline your morning routine, bedtime rituals, and the activities of daily living.



Is your office over run with paper yet have empty file drawers?  Are there boxes of supplies still in the bag you brought them home in? Is your inbox exploding and your files non-existent?  Or maybe you just want ideas on how to manage it all - I won't email you back to set this appointment up, phone call only on this one!


Toys, toys, and more toys.  Keeping ahead of this game along with the clothing that is too small practically before you get it home is a losing game.  I will help you edit, organize, and get these items used by someone else!


Just checking that you are still reading.  If you are, maybe you haven't found an example of YOUR project?  No worries, call me, I can probably still help, and if I can't, I'll find someone that can.

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